About Lesley Christie

Fellow Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs & Creators...

Does it feel like a dirty secret when you share with others that you have multiple passions? Something to be ashamed about? That's how I always felt, but then isn’t that what being an entrepreneur/business owner/self-employed is all about? Being able to test different strategies, income streams, tools and platforms (play.)

Ask Richard Branson with an airline, music group and financial institution (gotta aim big, right?)

I’ve had an online business (or twelve) since 2002. Yikes that’s a looooong time!

As I was bootstrapping my business at the time I learned the skills I needed, from building a website in Microsoft Publisher – yes, it was a thing back then, to using social media and email marketing. I fell in love with these elements and wanted to master everything about them.

I also played around with affiliate marketing and different income streams while offering services to other business owners and entrepreneurs to pay my bills.

Then life got even more 'interesting'...

In 2004 I 'opened to spirit'. Through a series of events I was led to a spiritual website chat and ended up, on the Friday, putting my 3 kids in the car (I was a single parent) and driving to meet the members who were up from Essex, visiting the Scottish members at a house an hour away.

All this happened within FIVE days!

I spent most of the night crying (which isn't exactly not-normal for me now.) When the shamanic drums were played, when I tapped into my mediumship and could feel a tightness in my chest when connecting with spirit.

I felt like I'd come home and found my 'people.'

A couple of weeks later I was at a psychic fayre and was at the crystals stand and again, burst into tears and couldn't stop. I felt this huge insurge of energy and the tears just poured down my cheeks.

I was so embarrassed but the lovely lady at the stand told me it was normal and helped me stop crying. To say I bought a couple of crystals from her would be an understatement haha.

Over the years I’ve:

  • trained and been hired as a media buyer (paid traffic) with over $30k/month budget.
  • become a seo ninja and am continuously mastering and testing ways to improve rankings.
  • fell in love with email marketing and marketing automations. (ActiveCampaign is now my platform of choice.)
  • achieved a #1 worldwide trending topic for a weekly Twitter networking event I hosted (and was one of the first to ever host a networking event on Twitter.)
  • created marketing funnels with order bumps, upsells & downsells that increased monthly revenues and LOVE split-testing and spreadsheets of data!
  • discovered a deep understanding of how ALL these elements work together for optimized results.

I am like a sponge, soaking up all the information available to continually be better within the digital marketing space. Then on the spiritual side:

  • qualified human design specialist (manifesting generator 2/4)
  • studied mediumship
  • tarot/oracle card reading
  • taught card reading
  • taught law of attraction

For fun I created a YouTube channel for Abraham Hicks videos that has currently nearly 17k subscribers, it was the first time I'd blended the two skillsets.

But something obviously wasn't clicking...

I've studied other spiritual teachers like Louise Hay, Wallace D Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard etc.

You'd think with all these amazing teachers of abundance I'd be rollin' in it. Nope. I struggled financially throughout the years. Some months I was earning more than I'd ever earned and then the following month I was borrowing money just to pay my rent.

It all changed when I read 'The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace D Wattles for the hundredth time and something clicked.

My mindset changed. 

I finally understood the missing piece.

Want to join me on my journey to creating empires?

We can ALL create empires and the first step is to get out of our own way.

I will if you will... 

“Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said. 'One can't believe impossible things.'

'I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. There goes the shawl again!”

~ Lewis Carroll

just for fun...

Meet my Ninjas

To make building my business more fun, I had some ninja's created. You'll see them sprinkled throughout my courses, lead magnets and content. I love that, for me, they symbolise that they are masters of their craft.