A Little Bit About Me

In 2002, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, driven by a deep determination to create a better future for myself and my three young children.

The internet offered an abundance of opportunities, where I found a supportive community of women entrepreneurs who became my support network and friends.

My early ventures spanned various businesses, including social media networking and website creation, diving deep into email marketing.

Yet, I found myself hesitating when it came to self-promotion, often undervaluing my services.

This journey was marked by highs and lows, from leading a digital agency to embracing the life of a 'multi-passionate entrepreneur,' constantly exploring my diverse interests.

The real breakthrough came with the realisation that the most crucial solutions were not found in learning another skill, or delving deeper into what I was currently learning, but within myself.

Addressing my self-doubt and learning to value my experience and knowledge became my focus.

Now, my mission is to guide other women entrepreneurs on their paths, empowering them to navigate their journeys towards a fulfilling business and lifestyle.

My experiences have underscored that true success is not just about financial gains but about personal growth, self-love, and the courage to follow one's passions. 

Mission Statement

My mission is to ignite the inner flame of women entrepreneurs, guiding them on their unique journeys towards creating not just a business, but a fulfilling lifestyle defined on their own terms.

By blending clear, actionable strategies with the nurturing support of a like-minded community, I encourage them to embrace their individual paths, pace, and potential with confidence and joy.

I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate a profound sense of self-love, trust in their abilities, and the courage to pursue their passions with conviction. Through personalised coaching, transformative courses, and empowering resources, I aim to unlock the full potential of each client, ensuring they craft not only successful businesses but lives enriched with personal growth, satisfaction, and purpose.

My ultimate goal is to inspire a journey of transformation and discovery that is as enriching and enjoyable as the destination itself, adapting and evolving alongside each entrepreneur every step of the way.