AI Article Writer: Speed Up Your Content Creation


For all of you entrepreneurs and content creators who are struggling to write all your content for blog posts, social media and emails while servicing clients, playing customer support and doing everything else that needs doing, I have a solution... it's called an ai article writer

And it writes more than articles!

There are lots of ai article writers on the market, but the one that stands out amongst them is

Jasper used to be called Jarvis (until someone mentioned that Disney may not be too happy) and then before that it was

For this blog post for example, I entered in minimal details and received 3 blog intro paragraphs.

ai article writer

In the past, article writers like this sent bots all over the internet looking for content and then rewrote it. Plagiarism (using other people's content without permission) was a huge thing.

The great thing about using ai to write the articles is that 99.9% of the time they are plagiarism free.

Not only can the ai article writer write blog post introductions, Jasper can also write your blog outline, then fill in the gaps as well as the final paragraph, blog title and blog description.

Marketing Frameworks Using Jasper

You may or may not have heard about the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) Framework. Add in the company/product name, a brief description and tone of voice and Jasper gives you up to 10 outputs.

How many times have you been writing material for your business and can't think of the right word, or everything you write is just blah?

I know it happens to me plenty of times.

Run your information through Jasper and be amazed at the results and the results appear in SECONDS.

Another framework is the Before-After-Bridge where you show your clients the transformation they will take when using your products and/or services.

The final framework is the PAS framework. Problem, Agitate, Solution. Another great way to find more content to share with your audience.

They can work together to create marketing materials that will blow you away, without costing thousands of dollars it would have if you'd hired a copywriter.

Social Media Headlines

Jasper can really help when creating social media content in bulk. It can take what you'd normally write and share and rewrite it into something more exciting for your audience.

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn ALL your social media content can be written in bulk in a short space of time.

Looking to grow your YouTube channel? Use Jasper for content ideas, titles and descriptions. It will even come up with a script hook and introduction and then write you a script for the entire video.

Why not use Jasper as your (not so) secret weapon?

Paid Ad Headlines & Content

Yes, Jasper can even write eye catching headlines for your Facebook Ads as well as the ad primary content.

No more struggling for the right headline - not to say you won't have to test the headlines you use, but Jasper makes it easier to come up with different copy to test.

These are just the BASIC uses for Jasper, but there are thousands more. The uses are just restricted by your imagination.

How I Use Jasper

I use Jasper for blog posts that aren't flowing as well as they could be or I get stuck. Within 15 minutes my blog post is finished and I've ideas for 5 more posts.

For social media I like to batch it and use it with Canva to create the graphics and then share and put on evergreen recycle with Publer.

Depending on your Jasper account you can also invite your virtual assistant or content writer to Jasper to write your content for you.

AI Emails

Whether it's your newsletter you need written or emails within a sales or welcome automation, this ai writer has you covered. Never be stuck with what to write again and get those automations finished with ease.

AI Art

Jasper has also brought out an ai art program where you can enter in details of a graphic you want 'draw me the New York skyline at night in the rain.'

What about 'draw me a book cover with a black cat and a broomstick on the cover.'

AI is getting better with it's output the more people use it. It's a great way to build your content for a small investment each month and reaping the rewards for months, if not years to come.

What do you think about using an ai article writer to create content for your business?


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