How to Ask Your Angels for Help in Your Business


I was first introduced to Angels nearly 20 years ago.

Not being someone who asks for help I felt guilty asking as surely there were more deserving people than me.

'No. They LOVE to help everybody who asks", my friend told me.

She explained that she was a nervous driver and had to go round a very busy roundabout at the peak time during the morning on her way to work.

The thought of coming up to the roundabout and having to take her life in her hands when pulling out into oncoming traffic was making her anxiety worse.

She then asked her angels (we all have a whole team of them!) to make this journey as easy as possible for her.

For the road and roundabout to be clear for her whenever she approached.

And it was.

Every time she approached the roundabout she was able to drive straight up to the roundabout and there was always a break in traffic which allowed her to drive effortlessly to her exit point and continue her journey.

Surely, it wasn't that easy?

Coincidence maybe?

She suggested trying it for whenever I needed a car parking space.

So I did.

And lo and behold it worked!

Thank you, Angels!

I even got my kids involved, and whenever I finished parking we'd shout out, "Thank you, Angels!"

My mum got involved too and often told me about using her Angels to get a parking space.

There was one time when I decided to really test them.

I was taking someone to the local hospital which was notorious for parking issues.

I visualised a space in the car park near the front door.

And to really test it, I asked for someone to give me their parking ticket so I didn't need to pay.

It happened!!!!

I couldn't believe it and was so grateful.

My companion who wasn't into 'all that nonsense' probably thought I'd gone crazy.

Every. Time, You. Ask. They. Answer.

So, what you may be asking does that have to do with business?

Choosing an Easy/Low Barrier to Ask About

Often when we ask on a high stakes issue that you feel desperation around, our ego kicks in.

"It's your imagination."

"You can't ask for that."

"You don't deserve to get that."

If this is the case, then it's better to start off asking for low stakes things such as the car parking space.

The more you build this up, the more your confidence will rise in getting what you ask for.

I've asked for a tank of fuel to last me my entire journey (usually I have to fill up again before the end) and it did.

There is NO end to what you can ask for and that brings us to...

Hiring an Angel Team for Your Business

If you are a solo entrepreneur it can get overwhelming having to do everything yourself, not to mention the time involved.

That's when you need to start asking your Angels for help.

It's not like they are going to write your marketing campaign for you, however they can guide you to where you can find the information you need to have a successful marketing campaign.

They can bring the right customers and clients to your door (or website.)

They can send you unexpected income (thank you, Angels.)

All you need to do is start with a request.

And remember your please and thank you's!

I've had issues with a laptop dying on me and valuable information that I hadn't put on the cloud inside.

My angels got me in again to retrieve the information before finally dying on me for good.

You Are Not Alone

The great thing about working with your Angels, is that you are NEVER alone.

They're always around.

I often ask Archangel Michael to wrap his wings around me and fill me with love.

Within seconds I'm crying and can feel the love flowing through me.

It's a great way to remind yourself that you are never alone and you have a full support system at your disposal.

Is There A Delivery Timescale?

This questions ALWAYS comes up!

And that age old answer - it depends - comes into play.

The more you trust and believe, the shorter the delivery time.

Your requests are answered in perfect timing, which you may not believe is 'perfect'!

Should I Keep Asking?


The more you keep asking, the more it feels like you don't believe you'll receive it.

Just like the 'law of attraction' and other spiritual laws.

Please Share

Please share your angel stories in the comments and give others examples of how amazing working with your angels can be.


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