How to Start a Coaching Business for less than $40


Congratulations! You've recently qualified as a coach, whether that is a life coach, business coach, executive coach it doesn't matter. You're ready to start signing clients and building your coaching business.

Good news! You can get up and running in a couple of hours and only spend $40 for the month.

Tool 1 - Gmail Account - FREE

You probably already have a gmail account but unless it can be used for your coaching business, you'll need a new one. Your gmail account will allow you to use both the email function but also the calendar, Google Drive for online storage AND Google docs for creating documents, spreadsheets etc.

Tool 2 - Book Like a Boss - $19/Month

Book Like a Boss Cappuccino allows you to create a landing page, clients to book a time with you, collect payment for client bookings and integrate with Google Calendar so you don't double book your appointments.

It also allows you to integrate with Zoom so that a meeting is automatically created which both parties are invited to.

You can sell one-off meetings or sell group meetings and workshops.

Tool 3 - Zoom - $15/Month

Unfortunately, the free version of Zoom only allows meetings of 40 minutes or less. With the paid version you can host meetings of any length for up to 100 people and record the session.

You can also share your screen and give a presentation or record yourself and/or your screen for promotional videos for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Tool #4 - Signaturely - FREE

Create client contracts and get legally binding digital signatures free for up to 3 signatures a month. If you need more than this then it will cost $20/month.

The free account is great to get you started.

Tool #5 - Canva - FREE

Canva is a digital design platform that allows you to create anything from a logo to a presentation, to social media headers and graphics to workbooks for your clients and best of all it's FREE! There is a paid account but for the most part you should only need the free version.

Create your branding with a logo, graphics for social media and start promoting yourself to potential new clients.

I'm sure you'll love Canva as much as I do!

The tools above will get you started with your coaching business FAST. No waiting around months for your website to be ready or wondering what to do first. Sign up for the tools above and use them to get your first and all other clients.

I believe in YOU!


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