Let’s Build Your Virtual Cheering Squad


Your virtual cheering squad is a group of people and tactics that will cheer you on, guide you and motivate you. They are there to help and support you in your journey. A virtual cheering squad can be a great way to stay motivated, even when the going gets tough - which it will.

The idea behind your virtual cheering squad is that when we are being supported by others, it helps us to feel more confident, encouraged and motivated. It also helps us to feel less isolated in our journey which is a sad fact of being a woman in business or female entrepreneur.

What Does Virtual Mean?

For this example, it means more than people you know online and can meet-up using virtual meeting software such as Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger.

And before you say 'but I don't know anyone who could help me' or just 'I don't know anyone', don't worry. It doesn't matter.

By virtual, I mean that the people you choose to be on your cheering squad doesn't even need to know you exist. You won't be talking to them directly.

You're going to use what you know of them online, whether that is through their website, YouTube channel or what they post on social media to help you get a good idea on the advice they'd give you IF they were in front of you.

Having a virtual cheering squad will not only help you grow your business but it will also make your life easier by providing you with the support that is needed at any given time and it will get EASIER the more you believe in, and rely on, your cheering squad.

What's a Cheering Squad?

Have you ever stumbled across someone via their website or social media posts and thought 'I would love to be friends with her/him/they'.

They seem to have their act together, they're successful and in a position that would love to be in. They are an expert in their field and they seem to be flourishing doing it.

What if you collected everyone you know of that would fit that criteria and they became your cheering squad?

What difference would that make to both your personal life and business?

Would you:

  • Make bolder decisions?
  • Make faster decisions?
  • Take more action?
  • Dream just a little bigger?

A cheering squad knows that you are more than capable of running your business empire and deserve the success you desire and will work to keep your vibration and spirits high and nip any negative thoughts in the bud.

Cheering Squad or Board of Directors?

For some of you, you may be needing a more structured squad that doesn't just motivate but gives you advice on different subjects.

When you're just starting out there seems to be no end to the things you need to either know or learn. Even after being in business for 10, 20, even 30 years there's no way you can know everything but you can HIRE experts to close your knowledge gap.

For this example, we're going to create a board of directors for you that covers all the areas you aren't confident with.

Imagine a board table, with you at the head and your board of directors around the table.

Who would you give a seat to?

Remember these are VIRTUAL seats, so you're not hiring them nor will you meet them in person (at least not yet.) You're going to call upon your knowledge of them and their advice through the social media posts and YouTube videos (if applicable.)

Who Do You Need on Your Board?

Think about:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Course Creation
  • Memberships
  • eCommerce
  • Spiritual
  • Technical
  • Social Media Stars

Who is doing great in their field who you'd love to have on your team?

Struggling to fill your seats? Take to Google or YouTube and put in the keywords of the person you are looking for and have fun doing the research.

You might find the person has the right skills but they don't resonate with you, you don't feel comfortable around them. Move on, you can find someone else.

Your cheering squad/board of directors are going to be your closest allies and will see you at your worst with the vision of motivating you to continually be your best.

What's Next for My Squad

You've got the names, now we're going to gather the goodies to complete the squad.

Is there a blog post, podcast, social media post or YouTube video (or anything else) that signifies what each person stands for, either relating to their field or business success?

If you can find everything you need on YouTube create a new playlist (public or private, your choice) and add all these videos to your playlist and when you are either stuck with a business question or need cheering up, go to your playlist and choose which of the entries you most need to hear/watch.

Another alternative is to have print-outs of the members of your cheering squad and have them close at hand so that you can ask them questions throughout your day.

It's kinda like what would x do?

Sit down and make sure you are comfortable, close your eyes and visualize the person you want advice from. Have a conversation with them about your situation and listen to what they have to say.

It's Not Just Business

Although, for the most part, we may need successful entrepreneurs on our cheering squad, sometimes all it takes is music, a meditation or uplifting talk.

I know that when my vibration slips and the negative thoughts start to steamroller in, that music and a dance around my kitchen can really shift my mood.

Have your playlist at hand. Don't overthink things or belief it will get better on it's own. Put on that song that inspires you to keep going, to achieve your dreams and to dream bigger.

You've got this!

And if you want my support you can easily book a free 20 minute chat by clicking the button below.


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