Master the Art of Email Marketing: Exponentially Grow Your Email List and Gain Raving Fans

Power Up Your Email Strategy, Maximize Growth and Drive Unrivalled Loyalty with a Sprinkle of Manifesting Magic.

Struggling with low engagement and slow growth in your email list?

What about the frustration of attracting the right subscribers to your list and then turning them into loyal customers?

Struggling to attract the right subscribers can leave you feeling like you're pouring energy, time, and money into a leaking bucket.

You invest in creating captivating content, spend hours fine-tuning your email copy, but it seems like all your efforts are going unnoticed.

You watch as your list grows with names, but it doesn't translate to more engagement or sales. You can't help but question, "Am I targeting the right audience? Where is the disconnect?"

And then, even when you do manage to reel in a few of those coveted subscribers, the journey doesn't get any easier. Converting them into loyal customers feels like an uphill battle against a storm.

You try different approaches, test various offers, but the silence on the other end is deafening. 

The rare few who engage are exceptions rather than the rule, and turning them into raving fans, let alone loyal customers, feels more like a dream than a potential reality.

The cycle is exhausting, frustrating, and downright discouraging. The problem isn't just attracting subscribers - it's attracting the right ones, and then knowing what to do with them. 

The constant guessing game makes you feel like you're stumbling in the dark, and the uncertainty can weigh heavily on your confidence and motivation.

Without a clear path forward, you're left with a mounting problem that only seems to worsen with time. It's not just a question of tactics and strategies; it's about the very heart of your business - your connection with your audience.

List Manifestation Mastery

Introducing "List Manifestation Mastery", an online course meticulously designed to address and solve these specific challenges. This course is a comprehensive guide to not just growing your email list, but making it thrive with engaged subscribers who are eager to become loyal customers.

With step-by-step guidance, practical exercises, and a wealth of industry insights, it provides the tools you need to not only attract the right subscribers but also to foster deep connections with them, converting them into raving fans. No more guessing games, no more shooting in the dark.

With "List Manifestation Mastery", you get the clarity, direction, and strategies to master the art of email marketing and manifest the list growth you've always desired.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Dive into the transformative journey of "List Manifestation Mastery" and unleash the power of effective email marketing. Here's how this course is designed to benefit you:

Immediate and Unlimited Access

From the moment you enroll, you'll have immediate, unlimited access to the wealth of resources within the course.

You have the freedom to learn at your own pace, delve into lessons anytime and anywhere, and revisit materials as often as you need.

Real-Time Application and Progress

Each lesson provides actionable insights and practical exercises designed for immediate application.

As you progress through the course, you'll witness tangible changes in your email marketing practices and see your email list begin to grow and engage more deeply.

Transformation and Confidence

In just five weeks, you'll transition from feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about email marketing to becoming a confident email list manager.

Armed with practical knowledge and hands-on experience, you'll know how to foster deep connections with your subscribers and cultivate a community of raving fans around your brand.

About Lesley Christie

Lesley Christie is not just a seasoned business strategist and digital marketing expert, she's a devoted coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs. Infusing practical business strategies with empowering spiritual principles, Lesley has made it her life's work to help ambitious individuals navigate the digital landscape and manifest success.

Specializing in email marketing and sales funnels, Lesley provides clear, actionable strategies and resources designed to transform your online business. She has honed her skills through 20 years of experience, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of targeted and personalized communication.

But her guidance goes beyond business and into the realm of mindset. Lesley is a staunch believer in the power of positive thinking and soul-aligned action. Through courses like 'Empowered Identity' and now 'List Manifestation Mastery,' she offers a pathway to not only financial success but personal fulfillment as well.

When Lesley is not busy coaching or creating transformative content, she crafts unique manifesting techniques and shares empowering words of wisdom. She's on a mission to ignite the spark of ambition and self-belief in women around the globe.

Course Modules


Module 1: Introduction: The Magic of Email Lists

Step into the world of email marketing and uncover its transformative power for your business. Understand why having an email list is like holding a golden ticket to business growth, and get ready to navigate this course with clear expectations and a vision of what's to come.


Module 2: Attracting Your Ideal Subscriber

Learn the art of attraction and turn your focus on the people who matter most - your ideal subscribers. Uncover effective strategies for luring them to your list and discover how you can hook them with irresistible lead magnets. Dive into the diverse universe of lead magnets and explore innovative presentation techniques that make a lasting impression.


Module 3: The Law of Giving: Providing Value to Your List

Enter the realm of reciprocity and understand why giving value leads to gaining loyal subscribers. Unearth the secret of consistent, valuable content and unlock a treasure chest of content ideas that your subscribers won’t be able to resist.


Module 4: The Power of Personalization

Embrace the power of personalization and learn why it's the secret sauce to successful email marketing. Go beyond the basics and discover simple yet effective strategies to add a personal touch to your emails, turning your subscribers from passive readers to engaged participants in your community.


Module 5: Manifesting Engagement

Unlock the secrets to creating a buzz within your email list and inspiring meaningful interactions. Discover how to craft compelling emails that don't just get opened but also ignite responses. Master techniques to nudge your subscribers towards meaningful actions, transforming your email list from a passive audience to an engaged community.


Module 6: Optimizing for Growth

Unleash the power of continuous growth strategies to ensure your email list never stagnates. Learn how to optimize your list with proven growth techniques, leveraging everything from newsletter referral programs to giveaways. Tap into the power of analytics and learn how to interpret data to make smarter decisions that fuel growth.


Module 7: Nurturing Your List: From Subscribers to Raving Fans

Immerse yourself in the art of nurturing relationships and transforming your subscribers into loyal fans. Explore the art of connection-building and learn strategies to cultivate stronger relationships with your audience, turning your email list into a nurturing community that fosters loyalty and amplifies your business's success.


Module 8: Conclusion: Your Email List Mastery Journey

Celebrate your newfound knowledge and power over email marketing. Look back on your journey, review the essential points, and understand the path ahead. As you conclude this transformative course, remember, the email marketing landscape is continuously evolving, and so should you. Keep applying the lessons learned, and continue refining your strategies to stay at the forefront of the game.

A Unique Approach to Email Marketing

Here at List Manifestation Mastery, we view email marketing not just as a practical business strategy, but also as a spiritual journey. Email marketing, in our perspective, is more than just numbers and conversion rates; it's about fostering genuine connections, delivering value, and building a community.

The Spiritual Side of Email Marketing

Our course is infused with spiritual principles that guide our approach to email marketing. We believe in the power of intentions and mindful practices, and we incorporate these principles into our strategies. From attracting your ideal subscribers to nurturing your list, we see every step as an opportunity to manifest growth and success.

Inclusive of All Email Marketing Platforms

Whether you are using ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, or any other email marketing platform, this course is designed for you. We focus on the fundamental principles of successful email marketing, strategies that are applicable and effective regardless of the platform you use.

Short Paragraphs, Simple Language

We know that learning a new skill can be overwhelming, and we don’t want to add to that stress with complex jargon or lengthy paragraphs. That's why we deliver our course content in digestible chunks, using simple language. Our lessons are easy to understand and even easier to apply.

List Manifestation Mastery is not just a course;

it's a transformational journey. It's about aligning your email marketing strategies with your core values and intentions, allowing you to attract and connect with your ideal audience on a deeper level. It's about mastering the art of email marketing, from the technical aspects to the human connection, and witnessing your email list flourish as a result.

Join us, and let's manifest success together.


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