Raise Your Vibration: Use Drama Class


How often have you found yourself in a negative vibration because of outside influences, or just because. You don't want to be there but feel stuck, with no way out. All you want to do is raise your vibration.

Use Drama Class.

A friend and I use drama class to help move our way through our emotions, getting them out there in a fun way and before we know it our vibration has raised and all these black clouds have parted and the birds are happily singing again.

What is Drama Class?

For these purposes is when you take a situation and you blow it up out of proportion. You make wildly inaccurate statements about what is happening and what you'd like to happen.

You have the stage for the entirety of drama class and get to vent and let it all out of your system.

Just let the ridiculousness flow.

You know when you hear a story from someone that has exaggerated the 'truth' - this is your time to do the same. 

Go big or go home.

It seems counterintuitive to actively feed the negativity, but believe me, the more you exaggerate, the more you realise how much you are being ridiculous and it does become funny.

Especially when you know it's not true.

It's a passing phase.

It's your ego coming in to f*ck with you.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Do You Need Another Person?

Although it's fun to do with a friend, it's not necessary.

What is necessary is that you are in a SAFE SPACE.

You're not going to be interrupted or overheard. You feel safe in expressing your deepest feelings and then you let rip.

If you are with a friend then you know that that friend offers you that safe space. They won't repeat what you say to anyone and has your back 100%.

Doesn't Positive Things Raise Our Vibration More?

There are times, we all get them, where you just seem stuck in a pattern of negative thought. You know it's not good for you and you know it's not where you want to be but no matter what - you're there. 


It's one trigger after another.

Whether that's external or more than likely your ego has popped in just to f*ck with you.

Your negative thoughts just keep getting louder and louder.

It's at times like these that you need to bring out the big guns.

Drama class is the big guns.

It takes your current mood and shakes it up. Your ego thinks you are agreeing with it, but you are shaking off it's hold and allowing for new emotions to emerge.

Drama Class Example

You've spent weeks preparing for a launch and it bombs (drama class remember.) There are hardly any sales, your life and reputation is in ruins. You might as well give up.

Go with it. Make it more ridiculous.

You'll never get another chance at this as the internet won't ever let you back.

The people who did buy will see you as a failure and won't get anything out of your products/services.

Everyone will be talking behind your back about how much of a failure you are.

You might as well give up and get a minimum wage job that you'll hate. That will serve you right for making this such a disaster.

Once you feel like you've got everything out of your system, you should feel lighter. It doesn't have to be by much, but it is lighter.

Now you shift slightly to being even more ridiculous.

I'm going to have to move to somewhere like Papa New Guinea and live in a hut in the middle of nowhere, where no one knows me.

I could raise pigs instead, at least they'd appreciate me.

Lesley, the pig farmer. Yeah that has a nice ring to it and I believe Papa New Guinea has lovely weather at this time of year.

Actually, where is Papa New Guinea? (Googles: Papa New Guinea)

Then you notice they have beaches, and you love a day at the beach where you can enjoy the sun and swimming in the ocean. Oh and it's great to get caught up on reading the latest book from your favorite author.

Oooh look, it's also great for hiking. You'd love to have time to dust off your hiking boots and go hiking, exploring the local scenery.

Your Vibration is Rising

As you feel your vibration rising you can keep going or go back to the original issue with a different perspective.

What did you learn in the launch?

What would you do differently next time?

What wins did you get?

What can you do to get back on track?

How could this have been a blessing in disguise?

Were you really in alignment when you set and followed the original goal?

The Lessons of Drama Class

I am a strong believer that your inner being is leading you down the path of least resistance (thanks, Abraham!) Sometimes, that path of least resistance is like the tower card of the tarot, something has to be brought down before you can rebuild.

Or, you are fixating on something that won't serve you as well as something else will, so the only way for you to achieve better is to fail at this stage so you can achieve more later on.

You can do this!

Keep going and you WILL achieve anything you set your mind to.


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