Templates for Proposals: Save Time and Stress


You want to give you best and exceed your clients expectations.

You want to stand out against your competitors and offer better solutions.

You want to waste time creating new proposals for each and every new client.

No, wait... what?

Creating client proposals can be a very time-consuming task that doesn't always guarantee a reward at the end of it. It can often take hours, especially if you offer a variety of services and need to create a unique proposal each and every time.

If you've been creating proposals for a while, you may have saved a template in Word or Google Docs that you edit every time you need to create a new one.

What if you could do one better?

If you're like me, you're not a designer. Placing your logo at the top of the proposal is considered 'art'. Anything more than that stresses you out because, you. Are. Not. A. Designer.

I thought that too until I discovered templates.

Not just the usual templates for social media graphics, or basic text Word templates, oh no my friend, I'm talking 'blow your socks off' templates that YOU can easily edit.

It was when I was working on another project where I was researching templates and came across proposal templates that not only looks but ARE professional.

Yay for being multi-passionate!

There are templates for EVERYTHING!

But I digress, back to proposal templates...

The templates come in different formats, some are for Canva, others are for Adobe Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, and don't forget Microsoft PowerPoint. There are a multitude of formats and there should be one that suits the software you've already got.

I usually download a few different templates to get an idea of what is available and select the elements I can use.

Then I begin to create my own proposal template, starting each service with a different page. This is so you can easily pull together your customised proposals later by selecting which services you are offering your client.

Here's a couple of proposals you might be interested in...

Proposal Template
Project Proposal
Marketing Proposal
Marketing Proposal Template

I highly recommend two resources to find your perfect proposal template...


And if you are looking for the written proposals, Signaturely offers free templates for coaches, consultants etc and with them you can send your contracts to your clients for their legally binding digital signature.

Get your free account here.

Good luck and remember... have fun!


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