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Comments Policy

We look forward to receiving your contributions and personal views in the comments section shown on any of our open articles and encourage you to write your honest opinions.

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Business and Earnings Disclaimer

As with all business matters, please ensure that you undertake your own due diligence

Having your own website does not always result in you being able to earn or generate an income. Your results may be completely different to that achieved by other small business website owners and some websites never generate income. There are many factors that can affect the success or failure of a small business or website.

Prior to starting your own online business or website, or prior to purchasing any business service or product, that is featured, referred to or linked to on this website, ensure that you consult with your professionally qualified legal or accounting advisers.

Internet Growth Systems does not offer legal or accounting advice. We are not lawyers or accountants. Please ensure that you undertake your own due diligence

Some, although not all, emails, reports and/or website content may include recommendations for products or services that I do or have used, which means that if you should choose to purchase through those links at some stage, We may be paid a small commission as a thank you for referring you to them.

This does not increase the price to you in any way (and could include a discount for you – where stated).

You don’t have to purchase anything via the links, but when you do your valued support is very much appreciated.