What if You Could Have Both?


It suddenly hit me that what I'd been doing for so long had become second nature. There was an automatic 'or' between my desires. All I had was options to CHOOSE from, right?


'And' is around for a reason and Lizzo it's over to you...

we started using it.

Are you the same?

Do you automatically feel you have to choose between desires rather than realizing you can have both - you just need to figure out HOW.

Or rather, listen for inspired thoughts from your inner being to hit your consciousness and take efficient action so you CAN HAVE BOTH.

For full disclosure, I had also been ignoring the 'Efficient Action' thoughts my inner being had been sending me too.

Let me share an embarrassing example...

I could either read one (at a time) of my favorite author's new releases or I could build my business.  

I believed that if I chose reading then I wouldn't be making any money and that I'd stay poor and that was okay because reading was my form of escapism from the cr*p that was my daily existence.

There was a particularly bad time in my life around the time Outlander first came on our screens. I ended up buying the entire Outlander book series and binging on them for a couple of weeks with my head in the sand about everything else.

Things worked out in the end (well as much as they could have given the circumstances.) Therefore, anytime something 'bad' happened (triggers) such as no clients to pay the bills, or an unexpected bill I couldn't pay.

Instead of deliberately creating the future I wanted, I retreated into reading books. Thank you Kindle Unlimited! I didn't care what the outcome would be but knew it would all work out.

It did work out, but what a waste. I often visualize myself giving a huge cuddle to that version of myself and telling her 'thank you for doing the best you could at that time, I've got you now.'

You may not be a bookworm like me, but is there something else that you've turned into a crutch that is stopping you from achieving your full potential?

Are you still choosing 'or' instead of figuring out the 'and'?

Your desires are your best friend AND you can achieve them, every single one of them no matter how unrealistic some of them may seem.

Where are you settling because you believe you have to choose?

The greatest thing about being alive today is all the potential that the internet offers.

It's no wonder we call ourselves multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

Why choose?

Why we choose instead of claim our right to ask for, and receive, and.

1. We can't visualize ourselves in that future environment and believe it's possible.

Solution: Baby steps. Either go general (go with general feelings of higher vibration, feeling confident, successful etc and focus on those rather than the end destination) or break that journey into milestones and go after the first one.

2. Old repeating patterns. It's so familiar for us to just accept having to choose, that we don't know any different. This can often stem back to our childhood.

Solution: Break the pattern. Call out the bs choices by being aware of every time you make a decision or choice of what the 'and' option would be. If there isn't an automatic one, then you probably have old patterns going on.

No matter what you just need to start believing in the power of 'and'. Then you need to start writing down PROOF that YOU can ask for and receive whatever you desire.

In the early days of internet marketing you had to pick a lane and stay in your lane.

You could offer coaching, but having a side hustle of building niche affiliate sites - nope.

But now, it's acceptable to do whatever YOU want (so long as it's legal and consensual.)

You can have it all.

Don't Believe Me? Just Google

No matter what you want, there's a 99.9999% chance that someone else is already doing it - successfully, and thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can find them. Online. Doing their thing.

Believe it. Visualize it. Take Efficient Action and create the life YOU want.

You can do it!


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