What is a Buyer Persona


Ever wondered what a buyer persona is and do you need one for your business? Read on as we're about to discover why knowing who your buyer is, can not only attract more sales but also save you money too.

Let's get started...

Have you ever been on a website where the content seemed to speak directly to you? 

‘Wow! How did they know what I’m struggling with and how I’m feeling?’ 

And when reading their services page, ‘I’d sell my first born child and the dog to work with this person. They understand me perfectly. Where do I sign up?’

You might well be wondering how this person got so deeply inside your head, debating whether or not to look for hidden cameras or listening devices around your home.

Don’t worry you won’t find any bugs. The business owner has just taken the time to create a buyer persona - one in which deeply resonates with you.

You read my mind

You too can create your own buyer persona and get the same reactions from YOUR customers and clients.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is an imaginary representation of the customer or client that is used by marketers and salespeople as a tool for better understanding their customers.

It's a marketing tool that helps you create content and communicate with clients in a way they will understand, appreciate, and respond to.

Without the right buyer persona, most of your efforts are essentially wasted because you're sending mixed messages to people who don't know what they want or need and it may not be clear which of your marketing messages ARE attracting buyers.

All this wasted time and energy are lost profits for you.

Sending Clear Messages to Your Buyer

If you aren’t getting the results you want and deserve, then chances are it’s because you aren’t clear on WHO you are marketing to. If you aren’t clear, then it’s no wonder your social media and website visitors aren’t either.

When you treat everybody as your customer that’s when things can go downhill and when you are just starting out, it can be tempting to do just that. No wonder many new business owners feel frustrated with their results.

Understanding the WHY

Once you understand why this step is necessary and HOW you can use this information to make every other piece of content you create easier. It also puts you in a more powerful and confident position.

Here are some examples, and these are ridiculous examples, but it’s usually these examples that gets your mind to open up and ‘get’ the message.

If you are selling cat products, you wouldn’t hang around the dog park talking to the dog owners about cats and how great your products are for cats.

If you are an Executive Business Coach, you wouldn’t hang around baby and toddler groups and coffee mornings looking at the new mums to hire you.

If you are a website developer looking for high ticket website clients you shouldn't have a 'how to create a free website' as your lead magnet.

Knowing WHO your ideal buyer is means you can find out what their SPECIFIC pains and challenges are, and WHERE they are online.

Let’s say you are a newly qualified life coach and want to help women achieve a balanced and joyful life. You have created a 6 month program for them to follow, along with weekly coaching from yourself.

At this stage your ideal buyer is… any women who wants this.

If you do offer this to everyone, then chances are your marketing messages will be wrong, the images you use will be wrong, where you market your offer will be wider than necessary and many places will be wrong.

And dare I say it, your whole coaching program may be wrong as it may speak to a variety of buyers who all want something different but there isn't a coherent path for the buyer to get everything you want them to get out of your program.

So, let’s start the right way. There’s never any guarantees, however you can learn how to tip the scales in your favour.

As your business gains success, your data will become more defined… and accurate, so that your ideal buyer will think you created your products/services just for them (and if you’re using your collected data correctly - that’s EXACTLY what you’ll be doing!)

Surveys for the Win

Ask your audience what they want. Reward them with something when filling in your survey or questionnaire. 

Ask open ended questions so that you get to know the language and terminology your buyer uses.

Lead Magnet Extra Step

When a subscribers signs up for your lead magnet, ask them to self-select what they are interested in and then tag them with that interest.

Or it could be level of proficiency at a certain task.

Or where they are in the country or world.

By segmenting your mailing list you can talk directly to different groups of people.

How Many Buyer Personas Should You Have?

As many as you want. However, if you are starting out, start with one persona and then add another one once you've got success with the first persona.

Remember that each persona relates to ONE specific group of customers that needs their own language/terminology and marketing materials.

Have You Met Beginner Ninja?

Beginner Ninja, for this purpose is a buyer persona that I created that was just starting out with her service-based business. She's single with older kids who are either about to leave home or have left home. She's not familiar with a lot of the technology but she's willing to learn. It's her time to become her own boss and SHINE. 

She can be found on Instagram and in Facebook Groups.

Next Step...

Create your own buyer persona for your WIN-WIN buyer. Win-Win means that they absolutely love your products/services and get the most benefit from them, while you love having them as a customer. They do everything you ask of them, read the instructions and tell everyone they know how great your business is.


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