What is ClickUp?


You've maybe heard other entrepreneurs talking about how amazing ClickUp is and wondered - What is ClickUp. Well wonder no longer. Let me take you into the organized world of using this 'cannot live without' software.

ClickUp is an online project management system that helps you manage both in-house and/or client projects. ClickUp is cloud-based and accessible via your internet browser, making it a convenient solution for businesses of any size.

With ClickUp, you can easily keep track of deadlines, assigned tasks, and progress reports. Plus, ClickUp's intuitive interface makes it easy to get started with using the software AND there's an 'always free' level too.

If you're looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly project management solution that grows and adapts as YOUR business(es) grow, ClickUp is definitely worth considering!

Why is ClickUp the best project management system?

ClickUp is the best project management system because it gives you the most flexibility to use the platform how YOU work best.

Running your online business or three can often feel like you are a hamster running on it's wheel.

The day is never-ending and you never seem to get anywhere.

ClickUp, in my biased opinion, offers everything that you may ever need in a project management system and probably a lot you didn't know you needed.

Whereas Trello works using Kanban boards, ClickUp has this view as just ONE of the ways to set-up and view your tasks.

You're not limited to one way of looking at things, which I personally find quite helpful and you can swap the views depending on which task or project you are looking at.

If you like the Gantt chart view of project management, ClickUp's got you covered. You can even see your project in a calendar view if that's more your style. This is great for social media management and client projects.

Plus, ClickUp has some really great features that other project management software doesn't always offer.

For example, there's the "Me" view, which gives you a personalized overview of the tasks you need to work on next. This is really helpful for keeping yourself organized and on track.

What are some of the best functions of ClickUp?

There's the whiteboard and chat functions where you can get together with your team and brainstorm in real-time.

Another great feature is the ability to add comments and attachments to tasks. This comes in handy when you need to provide more context or details about a particular task.

You can also create those recurring tasks into templates and SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) or Playbooks as I prefer to refer them as. The more you build recurring tasks into playbooks, the more ORGANIZED your business becomes and it's a step closer to running without you. #TotalFreedom

Working with a team? You can ask them to log their time so that you can charge clients accordingly, or use the time logs on certain tasks to plan the timings of future projects. This feature can also show when a team member isn't pulling their weight and address it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Another advantage when working with a team or even your first outsourcer, is that if you have task templates, all they need to do is follow the instructions rather than you having to take time out of your day (outwith the onboarding process which can also be handled within ClickUp.) to teach them your preferred method of completing a task.

Did I mention the automations? Well I am now! There are hundreds of automations that can alert you to overdue tasks, move tasks from one delegate to another after the task is completed to move it along, instead of having to do this manually.

How can ClickUp help you manage your projects better?

ClickUp works using spaces, folders and lists. You can use any of these to create and manage a project. By having your project written down in a step-by-step method you can clearly see where any steps have been missed and rectify this.

As mentioned above, getting your team members to time their tasks allows you to keep track of the timing of the project and come in on time or before.

You can also track budgets to ensure you come in under budget and if for some reason you do come in over budget you'll be able to go over the tasks and see exactly where things went wrong and rectify it for next time - or, by being able to do this as the project is happening, you should be able to ensure over-budget project don't happen.

Another benefit is that you can invite clients to ClickUp and set up their access so that they only see and can interact with what you want them to see. Having all the project correspondence in the same place from everyone involved, makes it easier to find information when you need it and see an overview of the project.

It look me a good while to get my ClickUp account the way that worked best for me. There is definitely a learning curve to it - but there is to any project management system and I believe ClickUp is the best.


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