Why You Need a Resources Page


Have you ever wondered what your peers were using to create their website, to sell their products and/or services, to run their business? Your competitors, clients and customers may be thinking the same about you and this is why you need a resources page.

A resources page (or in my case 'toolkit' page) allows me to share what tools and resources I use within my business that I think would benefit my website visitors.

And, more importantly, many of these tools and resources that are listed on that page have an affiliate link. An affiliate link which gives me a commission if someone clicks on that link and buys, without the buyer having to pay extra. Often buying through an affiliate link can come with bonuses such as a free trial or extra credits etc.

Now before I get your hopes up and you think this is going to make you a fortune, it probably won't.

It's just another income stream for your business that over time will bring you in extra money that you wouldn't normally receive AND you are giving your visitors a bonus.

Saving Your Website Visitors Time, Energy & Frustrations

How many times have you had to try different software or methods several times because the one you are using is missing something you need and it takes forever to get the 'right' result?

How many times have you found a recommendation for a tool or resource on a website and was grateful for finding the perfect tool so quickly and easily?

Success is usually AFTER the trial and error period!

Pre-Empting Your Visitors Questions

How many times have you been asked - 'what do you use for x?' 'How did you manage to do y?' 'Where did you get that cool thing you did with z?'

If you've been asked more than once, then you can bet there are many more who are either asking it now, or will be in the future so why not pre-empt their questions and answer them with a resources page.

You can always go a step further and create either a how-to guide or video course and link it to the affiliate link and SELL THE GUIDE/COURSE.

It can't be that easy, can it?

How many times have you heard the phrase 'time is money' or someone say 'I wish there was more time in the day.'

I know I'd love to clone myself a few times just to get my 'would-like-to-do' tasks started, let alone finished.

Using a new tool, resource or software does take time to get used to, so if you are offered a training which provides tips and perhaps even templates or shortcuts, wouldn't you want to invest in that?

Afterall, what is your time worth? Your website visitors are the same.

This is an easy way to start to build multiple streams of income into your business.

Not a Course Creator?

If you are not a course creator whether you don't think you have the skills yet, or you don't have the time, then there is an alternative.

Find someone else who has created a course on using the items on your resources page and choose one with an affiliate program.

Using Your Resources Page as a Lead Magnet

Depending on your type of business you may want to use your resources page as a lead magnet. You can easily create a PDF with your resources on it by using Word or Google Docs to create it.

Test it, you might be surprised at the uptake!

Your Reputation is on the Line

With anything you recommend whether it's on your resources page, in social media posts or blog posts, your reputation is on the line.

Your followers/visitors will buy because YOU recommended it. If it's a pile of crap then you'll soon know about it and they'll tie you in with it.

Always recommend products and services that you've personally used or are currently using and LOVE!


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Why You Need a Resources Page

Why You Need a Resources Page
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