Welcome to a new era of entrepreneurship, where spirituality and strategy unite.

I'm Lesley Christie, your guide on this transformative journey. I specialize in empowering ambitious female entrepreneurs like you to manifest business success uniquely—by harmonizing your spiritual essence with robust business strategies.

Together, we'll navigate the path to a purpose-driven business, crafting a reality that aligns with your deepest values and aspirations. Discover the power of spiritual alignment in business and co-create the success you've always envisioned. Let's embark on this journey to elevate your business and spirit.

Meet My Team of Ninjas

These are my team of ninjas I got created a few years ago who are now ready to come out and play! They will support us in our empire building manifestations through...

1. Vibration/Visualization   2.  Plan/Strategize   3.  Take Efficient Action

Spiritual Ninja

She loves learning about and implementing the spiritual teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill etc and trusts her inner guidance.

Strategizer Ninja

She loves taking her visualizations and creating a plan. She strategizes and is organized in everything she does as she knows this is the way to scale her business.

Efficient Action Ninja

She loves getting stuck into her plan and taking action. However, she makes sure that any action she does take is efficient and is open to changes along the way.

Aligned Transcendence

You are a spiritual female entrepreneur and you KNOW you were meant for bigger things. You have a calling and you are ready to answer that calling...

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